Loosing 300 GB of Data, the feedback

It’s been a while since I wrote something in this blog. There are a lot of ideas and subjects to talk about but too lazy busy to get them here. Until something super duper freaking not cool happened last week: losing no less than 300GB of data accumulated over the last ten years !

10 years of project files, music, pictures, videos and so on gone into the void. I’ve tried several data recovery software no matter how robust they’re, it’s still very hard to recover the exact same scale.

I mean, who’s going to wait this long :

Photorec output.

To finally get some bunch of messed up files with no extensions in most of the time.

How to prevent disaster ?

Do not use Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool

That’s actually how I screwed my external HDD up while trying to make it bootable to get a fresh windows 10 install. This piece of sh.. software isn’t smart enough to create an isolated partition when the storage media is already juiced up with data. It just wipes up every single byte off…

The cloud is your friend

At least for important files (pictures, videos, scanned patchwork,…) and do not worry if you’re a private life maniac, encrypt them before with something like veracrypt or similar.If you’re using Google Photos to backup your pictures, I suggest you to pick “High quality (free unlimited storage)” in the upload size option of the app as below. This will let you have an unlimited storage for pictures with a small drop in quality of nothing at all.


The upload size option in Google Photos Android app.

Upload size in the “Backup and Synch from Google” Windows app.

Developer ?

Use VCS as much as possible if you work with plain text files. Git is the most popular VCS out there. Many web based services use Git : Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket… Any will do 🙂

I guess it’s all I can say about how to not destroy your virtual life 🙂 Feel free to suggest any other tips I didn’t mention in this blog post.

Cheers !



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