Dev Tools S01E01 : Z – Jump around

Howdy people,

So I’m starting this new blog post series called Dev Tools on which i’ll be going through some tools that I find useful and that can make developer’s life easier. This first episode is going to be about a command line tool called Z – Jump around  or just z. I’m not sure but the name may refer to a bunny’s leg which is shaped as a Z .

A scared bunny escaping !

This command line tool records every directory accessed then keeps a list of the most recent/frequent (“frecent” is the word used by its creator) paths you’ve been on. The recorded paths can then be accessed by a relatively short command line. Let’s take a look on how it works.

Cool right ? And if you try to run it without any parameter, you’ll get the list of recorded directories, every record has a rank that determines its frequency.

For more advanced usage, you can check the README file.

How to install

Download the script wget

Using bash ?

  • Run printf "\n\n#initialize Z ( \n. ~/ \n\n" >> .bashrc
  • Reload the shell source ~/.bashrc

Using zsh (without Oh My Zsh) ?

  • run printf "\n\n#initialize Z ( \n. ~/ \n\n" >> .zshrc
  • Reload the shell source ~/.zshrc

Using zsh + Oh My Zsh ?

This is my personal favourite setup ! (learn how to get it up and running here).

All you need to do is add z to the plugins list in ~/.zshrc.


That’s it 🙂 hope this will make your life a bit easier and see you soon for the second episode.



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